Cutest duckface on the web

Awww this is sooo cute. She’s the only one that get away with a duckface.    

Funny Cat with a sword


Exclusive first look at Kim Kardashian Baby

Top 5 – What will Kim Kardashian baby look like or who? 5. Ray J He said he hit it first, but he also might of hit it last. 4. Kris Humphries The Minnesotan boy was married to kim. Maybe they hook up before she got with

photo fail – someone forgot to remove the shadow

Straight Cash homey

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Hi everyone! I have created this site to entertain the masses. My goal is to keep you laughing your behind off at the funniest Photoshop fails on the Internet. Cropping, editing, and changing photos is my passion, and I am always willing to share failed Photoshop pictures