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Hi everyone! I have created this site to entertain the masses. My goal is to keep you laughing your behind off at the funniest Photoshop fails on the Internet. Cropping, editing, and changing photos is my passion, and I am always willing to share failed Photoshop pictures with my Website visitors. Since the advent of

Enlarged Body Fail

Wana build muscle fast?

Self Shot Fail

Proper dieting and nutrition, a solid exercising routine and unfaltering will power gets you a body somewhat similar to this one. What it will NOT give you, however, is a warped up looking wall that seems to go together with your body shape.

Bodybuilding Fail

This is new tanning craze called the “abdomino rectango” centers the attention on your rock hard abs by emphasizing them. This is done through tanning your chest and your abdominal area ONLY and just leaving the rest of your body, like from the neck up or from your shoulders to your hands, as is.

Cracy Photoshop Ideas

This picture is one example of the many pictures that document the existence of ghostly, hologram-like figures with one nipple being photographed. We see here Anne Curtis, a famous Philippine actress, taking a could have been great photo with the figure by her side.

Photoshop Bodybuilders