Exclusive first look at Kim Kardashian Baby

Top 5 – What will Kim Kardashian baby look like or who?

5. Ray J

He said he hit it first, but he also might of hit it last.
kim and ray j baby photoshop

4. Kris Humphries

The Minnesotan boy was married to kim. Maybe they hook up before she got with Kanye.
Kris Humphrie and Kim Kardashian Baby photoshop

3. Reggie Bush

He was spotted with Kim while she was dating Kanye.
Reggie Bush and Kim's Baby photoshop fails

2. Kim

Maybe the baby might just look like Kim, with cute chubby face.
kim baby pic

1 Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Fail Baby pic

Kim Kardashian has been in the media spotlight since the start of the E! show “The Kardashian’s”. Kim’s love life has been the center of entertainment news for years, and for good reason. Kim has a revolving door of men constantly coming in. She has been involved with everyone from Nick Lachey to kris humphries, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

We first met Kim, and her many assets, on the set of her family’s reality show “The Kardashians” but it wasn’t until the world found out about the leak sex tape with Ray J that her popularity skyrocketed. And now that we have her we don’t really know what to do with her. Every week we are glued to gossip magazines and headlines that reveal her latest conquest. Of course, the biggest news of all was announced in December of 2012 when proud papa to be Kayne West, proudly announced he had successfully impregnated the voluptuous Kim Kardashinan. Way to go Kanye, you’ve been able to do what no man before you has ever done. But then again, one has to wonder if this pregnancy was all about media attention and perhaps just another stunt by Kim to get the media to drool over her once again. Regardless, there can be no doubt this future baby will have one hell of a good life.

In the spirit of Kardashinan baby craziness, I created a few obvious Photoshop fails that represent what everyone wishes the two mega stars baby will look like. What good is Photoshop really if you can’t have a little fun with it? For example, how funny would it be if their baby turned out to look like Reggie Bush? Or Ray J? Or better yet, what if the baby took after Aunt Chole and developed a Sasquatch like appearance? How about a little facial hair and some fake eyebrows? That would be just what everyone was hoping for!
Look at the way that freakishly large headed baby looks at you? Don’t you just want to ask your eyes for forgiveness? Although, the longer you look at the pictures the cuter he gets. He’s just so adorable!

No matter what side of the Kardashinan Kayne romance you stand on one thing is for sure, these Photoshop fails are ridiculous and will have all of us laughing until that baby comes out and steals the microphone from us.
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