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Hi everyone! I have created this site to entertain the masses. My goal is to keep you laughing your behind off at the funniest Photoshop fails on the Internet. Cropping, editing, and changing photos is my passion, and I am always willing to share failed Photoshop pictures with my Website visitors. Since the advent of Photoshop people have changed their self shot pictures into so-called masterpieces. But a trained eye can spot these funny Photoshop fails at a glance. That’s what I do. I bring these ridiculous duckface, fat to skinny, outrageous photos out into the open for all to see. While most people use Photoshop to create beautiful images, I simply like to make fun of the worst Photoshop pictures out there.

It’s amazing how many ‘professional’ Photoshop images in commercials and photography are slapped together and end up leaving in massive mistakes. That’s where I come in. Wanna see the funniest Photoshopped pics on the Internet? Well look no further than my website. I vow to make sure you won’t miss any of the greatest missteps of the infallible graphic design community. I also create LOL worthy face swaps and celebrity parody pictures. I do it all, but only slightly worse than the professionals.

Where does my content come from you ask? Well, some are uploaded by my website users, some are from around the web, and the rest come directly from yours truly. I don’t get any help from a partner or fellow content developer. It all boils down to me alone. Of course, I appreciate every single visitor that comes to my site and shares images with me and I am more than happy to share their content. Have you seen one of these funny Photoshop fails? Feel free to drop me a line or send me an email and share your pic. Or better yet, ‘Like’ my Website on Facebook and share the picture directly via my Wall. My ultimate goal is to have a completely unique content driven website, and I am working hard to deliver on that promise by sharing only the funniest pictures that fail Photoshop standards. I just can’t get enough of these ridiculous pictures! I hope you can’t either and I look forward to seeing you back for new content each and every week!



If you like what I do, feel free to ‘like’ my website on Facebook, Pin your favorite Photoshop fails on Pinterest, and tweet about what you’ve seen. You’ll be so happy to have the funniest duck face images there are right at your fingertips whenever you like.

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